Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Preparing for Christmas in the Prison - 2015

This year, I believe the Lord put a special Christmas celebration on my heart for the prison – chicken for all of the prisoners and guards.  Then, a business in town recently offered to sell chickens to me at the wholesale price just for my prison celebration!  Whole chickens sold here in Lichinga are small – they generally weigh 2 lbs. or less.  Therefore, we plan to purchase approximately 170 chickens (at most 200). We also plan to buy some chips, or small chocolates, as well.  The total estimate is around $700.  This is very good for a party of about 300 people.

We’ve already received the o.k. from the prison.  I’m excited for the prisoners, many of whom have not tasted chicken in years.  For us, it will be a special day as we celebrate the love of Jesus Christ and a prophetic year of destiny (celebrating the birth of a nation) as Mozambique is celebrating 40 years of independence this year.  Our prison ministry team also plans to eat with the prisoners, which will be a first for us.

If you would like to help out, please send in your donation by December 14th.   See our blog's homepage for information on donating (  Also, send us an email to let us know.  If we receive more than $700, we’ll gladly buy rice for the prison as well!  Rice is a rare food in the prison.  Thank you for helping us celebrate the love and goodness of Jesus Christ in the prison.

With love for His Harvest,

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Suddenly, I Lost My Right to Drive!

My motorbike with the yellow carrying
containers I added
Imagine driving for many years, and being told that all your documents are legal and in order.  Then, suddenly, one day the same police department tells you that you can no longer drive your vehicle because your documents are not legal.  And you get a fine on top of that!  That’s exactly what happened to me in the beginning of this month.  The transportation department apologized for the error of incorrect information these past eight years, then informed me that I’d have to pass the written exam to get a Mozambican driver’s license if I want to drive my car again.  (By the way, here in Lichinga we do have an amazing police department and transportation department.)  Suddenly, I felt this great joy - as though I’d been given a privilege - stirring up within me that took away other feelings that could have ruled my heart.  I think you know what I mean.  To honor and care about our police department and Jesus Christ, I stopped driving.  The joy kept overflowing.

A couple of months ago, my wife received a word from God about changes He was about to make in government.  It might seem like these changes are against us.  But, they are good for the development of the nation because they will help Mozambique walk in the destiny God has for it.

As missionaries we are here to help usher a nation into its God given destiny.  Maybe our part is small.  But, by honoring the laws of the transportation department, I can celebrate and encourage the birthing of Lichinga into its God-given destiny.  When the church operates in the kingdom of God, it opens the way for a city to walk into its destiny.  Even more, when we honor what God does, His presence abides with us.  Presence is the “place” where people (a city, a nation) awaken to God’s reality for their lives.  We are blessed to be able to please the Lord by submitting to and speaking well of (blessing) our local government.  Not all believers choose to do this.

We don't need to be shipwrecked by moments we don’t understand, or “beached” in our wedding attire (we, the church, are the Bride of Christ).  We need to be so in love with Jesus – our groom -  that we soar in the “all things work together” (Romans 8:28) moments that God has ordained for us.

On Monday, November 23rd, I passed the written exam in Portuguese.  Yes, on the first try.  Come on!  God is good!  Now, I am a legal driver!  All for His glory.  There is nothing else worth living for.

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Friday, November 13, 2015

Night Evangelism: Two Drunk Men

While we mere ministering on the street, two drunk young men came and interrupted us (myself and our visitor from Scotland).  One of them, especially, seemed to be laughing, taking the presence of God lightly.  But the Lord was intent on pouring out His goodness.  The Holy Spirit decided to “play”, too.   I felt the Holy Spirit “rise up” within me.  I felt like a “living puppet”.  Willingly choosing to yield to His will, I told the man, “Stand up.  The Lord wants to show you that this is real.  The wind of the Spirit is going to blow on you.”  The young man started falling backwards.  He exclaimed to his friend, “I feel this wind blowing inside of me.”  Then, he started taking things seriously.  God’s fire fell on them.  Our visitor and I both began to pray.  The young man’s friend was willing to pray for salvation.  They both hung around until the end of the night, praising God and encouraging others to hear the word of God and receive prayer.

Honestly, I think I was more amazed than the drunk young man.  I pray that we may carry His heart, and be challenged in our own personal unbelief that keeps us from submitting to the grace of God that can touch people in the depths of their hearts.  More than anything, we long to know our God and experience Him (John 17:21-23, John 15:4-5).

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Night Evangelism: Experiencing the Goodness of God

It was a night that seemed as if the Lord was having fun, celebrating people and pouring out His goodness upon anyone who was willing to receive.  The presence of the Lord upon the area stirred up a hunger for Jesus in some hearts.  People who heard us ministering came on their own to hear the gospel.  Others asked for prayer on their own initiative.  

While Victo was sharing the gospel with people along the street, there were some who ignored him, mocked Jesus, told him to leave, or just walked away.  But two people gave their lives to Jesus; one remained alone to hear Victo preach while everyone else walked away.

One woman, from another faith, heard me prophesy over someone. She interrupted me while I was ministering (I guess she couldn’t wait).  “Pray for me.  I’m sick," she said.  When I went to pray for her, she said, “I am not from the church.”  “It’s not important.  Jesus loves you anyway and He wants to heal you,” I responded.  She was healed of shoulder and back pain that she has had for many years since childhood.

Christians and people of other faiths received healing and encouragement, and were set free from bondage.  The Lord filled our hearts with joy and gave us the privilege of walking in His love and authority that night.  I was amazed at just how freely the Lord was willing to reveal His goodness to us and use us to touch people, especially people that didn’t believe in Christ.  We pray, “More Lord!”

In the next blog, we'll share about 2 drunk men that the Lord touched last Friday night.


Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pure Love 3 - More of the Presence

In God's love, any time, situation, or place can become the ideal moment for people to encounter Christ Jesus.  Here's a testimony that happened this summer.  One day a warehouse manager had an employee give me a bag of cement that I discovered was ripped open.  When I refused it, he told me that if I didn’t want it, I’d have to carry it back to the warehouse myself and choose another one (but, only employees are authorized to enter the warehouse).  I wanted to open my mouth, but Jesus met with me in that moment.  I yielded to the Lord, and let go of any rights I supposedly had to contend for better treatment and service.  Immediately, I saw the presence of God fall upon the man.  In an instant, his whole demeanor changed.  He spoke kindly to me, and had another sack brought to me.  He even told the employee to make sure I approved of the new sack.

Afterwards, the Lord explained to me what had happened.  By forgiving the man and yielding to the will of God, I had opened the way, who is Jesus (John 14:6), to encounter the man.  Instead of being locked into darkness by "unChrist-like" behavior from a Christian, the man was given a moment of freedom to behave how Jesus made him to be.  The Lord told me that since his heart wasn’t hardened through this ordeal, it would remain more open to the Lord.

Years ago, the Lord told me that the answer for Lichinga was more of His presence.   Lately, we’ve been seeing the importance of seeking what God Himself has made the priority for Lichinga – His presence.  Presence is everything.  We pray, Lord, help us to live for your presence!  You are all our city needs.

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes