Friday, May 22, 2015

Photos: Recent Happenings

Wild flowers and grasses from the field around our center that I picked for Mother's Day.

Isaiah using a jigsaw to cut wood for a homeschool shelf.

 Guacamole, bread, salad, homemade fried noodles, and homemade yogurt dressing.
Tiffany makes up meals so we don't have to eat the same things.

Jamaican coco bread fresh from the oven.

And stuffed with fillings.
A lot of people in our family "love" food!

At Youth Group's Crazy Hair Night.  Both our kids won prizes.
Amerel wore dyed spaghetti glued to a shower cap, dyed cotton balls as meat balls, and, of course, a pot for a hat.  Isaiah had long grass from the field glued to material and tied around his head.

 Our new white water drain isn't draining in this part of our yard.  My friend, White, volunteered to clean out the rocks and water for me. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Now, we have about 40 feet of plastic tubing (wrapping around our shed)
to allow the water to drain onto the top of the grass.  According to White, there will be no foul smell (hmmm...we'll see).  I plan to plant beautiful flowers in the water drain-off to have a low-maintenance flower garden even in the dry season.  We'll see how it all works. 

Love and Blessings,

Tyren and Tiffany

Thursday, May 7, 2015

His Love Makes Us Brave

The Lord gave me one primary focus for our center’s watchmen (guards) - to be laid down lovers.  Originally, I thought such things as excellence in work ethic, coming to work on time, and faithfulness were better focuses.  But, of course, Jesus is always right.  Love is the foundation and substance of everything else that is needed in this vital ministry area.  God’s love makes us brave, taking us beyond our comfort zones and into His own possibilities.  As we fall more in love with Christ, cultural and traditional hindrances are removed, barriers are broken down, breaches are repaired, and God’s promises become more attainable.  Let me share a few of the testimonies of love’s impact in our watchmen ministry at our center.

Photo of some of our watchmen who are deciding to be "brave"!
Our watchmen represent 3 different tribes, 4 local languages and different churches.  Yet, they supervise one another, teach one another, visit one another's homes, and support one another.  They are learning to practice submission to one another (Ephesians 5:21).

Our watchmen also do activities to take Christ’s love home.  One day, they had to write down 3 areas in their lives which they needed to personally improve on in order to love their wives more.  Each of them had to share it with their wives so that their wives could keep their husbands accountable.

Earlier this year, they decided on their own to have a day of fasting and prayer for our center.  No food, no water.  They met together early in the morning until late afternoon. 

Our night watchmen have recently decided, by their own initiative, to have early-morning prayer together on some days during the week.  Their reason: they wanted to focus on the Lord and worship together.

Some of our watchmen go to churches that don’t talk about speaking in tongues, nor do they teach it.  Recently, all of our guards (except one that was away), received this gift.  Now, they are stirred to believe God to experience more of their inheritance in Christ.

There are many other testimonies of them growing more intimately with Christ, using spiritual gifts like prophecy for the first time in their lives, having special encounters with Christ, and experiencing transformation in their homes.  We thank God for allowing His fire to fall upon our watchmen to prepare their hearts to experience more of Him!

Of course, our watchmen ministry is still growing in Christ-likeness.  But, we have people who work hard to arrive on time, are learning to work with excellence, and are faithful to God.  All of the things that I desired in our watchmen ministry, the Lord made happen in a way that I could have never dreamed of.  Honestly, His way was easier and more fun!  His love makes us so brave, that we are willing to do whatever He wants.  Jesus is worth any cost.  Now, it's your time!  Be loved by Christ, until you are brave enough to do whatever He requires of you!

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Do You Really Want Revival?

At the end of March, I was invited to minister at a three day revival meeting in the city.  I taught on “What is Revival?” and then asked the obvious question, “Who wants revival?”  Of course, everyone screamed, “Yes!!!”  Suddenly, the Holy Spirit gave me the same question to ask another way.  I let them know that I was about to ask the same exact question using different words.  “Who wants Jesus at the cost of losing everything else?  Everything!”  The room was totally silent.  No one dared to respond.  These were business men and women.  They understood the question, and needed time to think.  The room continued to be silent.  But, during a time of intercession from the pulpit, the Holy Spirit moved and wooed their hearts for Christ.  Yes!!!  They volunteered to have Jesus at the cost of losing everything else, if that was what Jesus required of them.  This is what true revival is about.  I pray that they will remain true to their confession.

During a time of prophetic ministry after the message, the presence of the Lord came to release people into their destiny.  Tiffany was there to help pray and prophesy over people, as well as two other pastors.  Many wonderful things occurred, but one individual touched my heart.  A young Christian man came up for prayer.  He told me that after listening to the message he wanted to live seriously for Jesus.  I asked him if he was married because the Holy Spirit told me that he had a woman living with him, but he wasn’t married to her.   This was the Lord’s mercy, and He was giving the young man an opportunity to give Him his all.  First, the man agreed that he wasn’t married, and then he denied it in front of the church for all to hear.  I asked him a few times, but he kept denying it.  Several days later he met me in the city.  He confessed the truth that he never married the woman he lives with.  He wanted to tell me all the sinful things he was doing, but I didn’t want to hear.  It wasn’t necessary.  Right then, we prayed together.  He repented of all the things he was doing, and prayed for Jesus to help him live for Him with all his heart.  This is a part of revival.  The young man could have stayed in his sins, but instead, he chose to get his heart right with Jesus!  Our God is awesome!