Friday, October 10, 2014

Greater Still Conference - Final Update and Photos

Pastor Tanueque and his wife.  Tyren in center.

In each district we traveled to, I was touched by people’s simplicity of devotion to Christ.  Some things are so much different than what I grew up experiencing in the U.S.  Let me give you some examples.  At the conference locations men, women, children and screaming babies all slept on the hard, cement and dirt church floors during the night.  Some had nothing much to cover themselves with.  There were no mosquito nets.  During the day it was hot.  There was no need to worry about showers during the 2 night stays in the districts – there weren’t any.  In one place, the toilet was literally grass under big trees (there were tiny, beautiful, purple flowers to stare at though).  There were no menus, no food choices, no fancy drinks.  People ate what they were served, and didn’t know what food they would have until served.  Some had to wait until others finished eating because there weren’t enough plates.  There was no air conditioning, sound systems, or cushioned chairs.  If there weren’t enough wood benches, people just sat in the dirt and listened to the word of God.  In little known places around the world like these, there are people who value the Word and who still believe Jesus is worth it all!  Jesus was glorified.  In this environment, the Lord satisfied their spiritual hunger by pouring out Himself.  The Holy Spirit testified with signs, healings, prophetic words, impartations and demonstrations of power. Testimonies continued to come forth.

A true sign:  After receiving a prophetic word about renewed strength
and new beginnings, Pastor Tanueque later was given a new motorbike.

A week before the conference was due to end, I felt the Lord telling me that my work would be done and I’d be able to go home early.  So, I asked Pastor Tanueque’s permission to go home earlier if my work was completed earlier than planned.  He said, “I’ll let you know.”   I believed God, and prepared to leave early.  Then, I just waited and waited.  Tuesday, Pastor Tanueque gave me the o.k.  Wednesday, I rushed to change my flight.  Thursday morning, I was on my way back to Lichinga to surprise Tiffany!  She had no idea I was coming 2 days early!  I called her once the plane landed in Lichinga.

Thank you so much for praying and believing.  It was a privilege to serve Iris Nampula and walk with them into the new things the Lord is opening to the churches. 

Love, Tyren
I spent a day teaching one of Pastor Tanueque's daughters to make some new things:  banana cake and cookies.
Iris Nampula's old truck that we used to travel around to the districts.
Inside one of the district churches.
Pastor Tanueque meeting with pastors and leaders in one of the districts.  Church building is in the background.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Greater Still Conference - Update #2

The promises of God are greater still for Iris Nampula.  The Lord is bringing the churches into the greater inheritances He promised them.  Their ministry is changing because of the new way the Holy Spirit is choosing to operate. 

In every district we went to, many understood the message:  People responded to return to live lives of intimate relationship with the Lord.  In such intimate relationship, promises - ones which are greater still - are brought to pass.  Sometimes the Lord uses affliction, persecution, and trials of every kind to prepare us for greater things.  In the midst of these, our faith is strengthened in His love so that we can receive His promises.  In the districts, some people are surrendering and running forward into their promises before the others.  I pray that none would be shaken and turn back away from the things the Lord is bringing them into.


In our ministry our focus isn't on healings, miracles, and signs.  We aim to draw people intimately to the Lord.  We want Jesus to be glorified.  As people returned to love Christ alone in the meetings, He manifested His love for us through visions, healings, and different moves of the Holy Spirit in wonderful ways.

  • One church fed us for the day and a half we stayed with them.  We provided nothing.  They served chicken, fish, pigeon, beans and more.  This was very unusual treatment that we were shown.
  • A man with heart problems who couldn't sleep well for 2 weeks was healed.
  • A woman with foot pain was healed.  I told her to walk. As she did, the Lord healed her.
  • Pain in one woman's nose left immediately.  I had her blow in a tissue then I prophesied joy over her life.  She was healed without ever praying for her nose.
  • I told a boy with a headache to lift his hands.  He was healed instantly without prayer.
  • The Lord healed me of diarrhea.  I barely ate and could drink very little for about a day.  I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to rest.  We traveled to another district where I slept for about 1.5 hours.  I woke up completely healed.
  • In one district many repented for having put other things (no matter how noble it seemed) above their love for God.
  • People also received impartations of various kinds to enable them to do the work they are called to do.

Pastor Tanueque's truck, our only transport, was having problems again.  But, it appears to be fixed for the moment.  Please pray that the Lord would open more doors to us, and that I may complete my assignment.  Please pray that pastors and others will remain in the love of Christ.  Thank you for praying.  This is my last week, and then I get to return home!

Love and blessings,


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Greater Still Conference-The First Days...

Our schedule was changed, so Saturday and Sunday we were in the district of Murrupula meeting with Iris pastors and others.  I taught twice Saturday and once Sunday.  Then, after a prophetic blessing over the district pastor and his wife, it was necessary for me to do a short teaching on the woman's place in the heart of God, and how men ought to treat their wives.  There was a need to show that a wife has authority and a voice in the kingdom of God (and thus the local church).  Many people in the church had questions concerning this.

After the afternoon session on Saturday, Pastor Tanueque had a private meeting with only his pastors to encourage them to press on in the work of evangelizing, and start new churches where healings and miracles through the ministry have drawn people to Christ.  The sun went down as pastor Tanueque stirred hearts sharing both funny and challenging personal testimonies and trials concerning the cost of faithul ministry.

Here are a few testimonies from Saturday's meeting:

  • A woman's neck pain was healed.
  • Women slept well with no more bad dreams.
  • A man was really blessed by the teachings.  He testified, "The work of God is higher than our own plans."  He was encouraged to pursue the work of God. 
  • Bumps all over baby's body started disappearing.
Here is our updated schedule:
Tuesday 23rd - Wednesday 24th:  ministry in a district.
Thursday 25th - Friday 26th: ministry in a 3rd district.
Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th: ministry in the city of Nampula.
The week of September 28th we'll also travel to 1 or 2 more districts.


  • The presence of God to manifest powerfully. 
  • Our strength and protection as we minister. 
  • The truck would continue to run well. 
  • Hearts of people be open. 
  • Pastors would arise to the call of God on their lives. 
  • People would know the truth of women's rightful place in Christ.  

To donate to the Greater Still Conference, donations can be sent to:

                                             Church of the Living God
                                          199 Deming Street
                                          Manchester CT 06042

Love, Tyren

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Greater Still Conference: Nampula 2014

DATES:  Sept 18 - Oct 4       LOCATION:  Nampula, Mozambique

God gives us faith to obtain His promises - great promises that He longs to perform.  At the Greater Still Conference in Nampula, Mozambique, we believe the Lord is going to ignite pastors' hearts with love and faith, equipping them to choose to boldly respond to the greater call of God with which He is summoning them.

September 19-21:  3 days of teaching, preaching, and ministry at Pastor Tanueque's church in the city of Nampula.  Then for about 1 1/2 weeks, Sept. 23 - Oct 3, I'll travel to a few of the districts around Nampula holding meetings and sleeping in a tent at night.  The meetings in each district will last 2-3 days.  I'll hold at least 2 teaching sessions a day for the first two days, reserving time for Pastor Tanueque to meet with his Iris pastors and leaders the third day.  Thus far, the Lord has been directing me to teach on love, and faith to pursue the promises of God and fulfill the call of God on one's life.

If you have a heart to help out financially, you can send donations promptly to the address highlighted below.
Purchasing Bibles:  One of the things I'd love to do is purchase Bibles ($6 each) for the pastors in need of one in their local Makua dialect or in Portuguese.
Conference Costs:  Help out with the costs of holding the conference including Tyren's travel costs, food, fuel for the truck to carry supplies and a small ministry team.
Donations can be sent to:   Church of the Living God
                                             199 Deming St.
                                             Manchester, CT 06042
Prayer:  My wife and kids have already been praying and interceding for the Greater Still Conference, and are receiving words of knowledge concerning the conference and the pastors who will attend.  We know the Lord will release a powerful anointing to help the pastors abide in His will and carry Christ's testimony in their lives.  As the Holy Spirit directs you to pray, please remember the following:
  • Conference attendants would come with open hearts ready for Christ's fresh revelation
  • Pastors would abandon themselves solely for love for Jesus Christ and His ways
  • Unity between everyone involved
  • Fresh fire upon the meetings
  • Signs, wonders, healings, impartations, salvations, outpourings of love
  • Safety during travel, health, strength, ample food and supplies for the trip
  • Grace upon Tyren as he ministers several times a day during the meetings

We thank you so much for your prayers and support as we serve Iris churches and others in Nampula, and help strengthen pastors to respond to the call of God on their lives and community.

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany and Tyren Haynes are missionaries serving with Iris Global in Mozambique and beyond.  They are members of Church of the Living God in Manchester, CT (U.S.A).  They have four children.