Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Bird Raised to Life

We are sharing this testimony because we believe that it is a sign, a message, from the Lord for more people besides those at our center.  We hope it encourages you and challenges you to believe in the Lord and in the wonderful things He has been planning to do with you.  It's time to dream again!

(Short version)  Last week, while I was outside with one of our guards, a bird dropped dead on our front veranda.  I thought, “Lord, I’d like to see that bird live and fly again.” Meanwhile, our daughter, Amerel, was in the house praying for the Lord to resurrect it.  But it didn't move, not even when the guard picked it up to inspect it.  He put it under a plant on the ground.  The guard and I talked for a while, but the bird still remained lying on its side.  I kept looking at the bird because I had an expectation, not just a desire, that something would happen.  The bird still didn't move, but I kept glancing at it.  Suddenly, the bird sat upright!  I wasn't totally convinced that the bird was o.k.  So, I thought to myself, “Lord, I wanted it to fly again because then I’d know it would be well.”  The bird flew away.

We know this is a prophetic sign from the Lord.  There have been times when people have despised (treated as negligible), not valued, or undervalued the ideas, plans and dreams the Lord has given to them.  Unfortunately, this has caused people to forget, put to the side, and give up the plans the Lord has for them.  Perhaps, we did this because we thought such things were impossible for us, too difficult, we didn’t feel capable, or we felt it wasn’t the right time (situations weren’t favorable), etc.  But, the Lord guarded and cherished the things we dropped, forgot, and put to the side.  They were actually His ideas, plans and dreams!  But, now the Lord is wanting to resurrect those things; even the smallest plans, ideas, and dreams that He's given us.  Maybe they no longer matter to us.  Maybe we've forgotten all about them, or they had become just as unimportant as that nameless, unknown bird.  But such things are still of utmost importance to Him because they are His plans, ideas, and dreams.  They were gifts given to us so we could spend time with Him, and know Him more intimately.  He’s about to resurrect them!  Through them the Father has actually prepared amazing things to do together with you— just you and Him.

Believe and do not allow the opportunity to pass again.  Beloved, God loves you and believes in you!!!

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Prison Ministry: Imprisoned But Loved

If you want to meet with Jesus, go to the prison.  He's there.  He is so merciful.  He heals both Christians and Muslims.  He takes away bad dreams of both believers and unbelievers.  He loves all the prisoners.  He allows people like me to minister to these men who are so special to Him.  I know He treasures them because His presence rests so mightily upon the prison.  Whenever I go to the prison, I know that I too will meet with this Lord of love.

During our meeting, the Christian inmates were encouraged to demonstrate Christ's love to the rest of the inmates.  They live there with over 200 others.  They have plenty of time to visit those imprisoned with them and help bring transformation in people's lives.  They can hug others, pray for them, share the gospel, share personal items, listen to people, encourage other inmates, and much more.  During the meeting, the group of believers were released to pray for other inmates who desired prayer.  One inmate came out of his room to give me a special greeting.  It was Abdul, the only man who was caught during the attack at our center in 2012.  He told me that he had pain in his knees.  Since the Lord has a special place in His heart for thieves and murderers (Luke 23:39-43, Luke 23:34), I didn't hesitate to pray.  In a few minutes, he was walking fine without pain.  A word of knowledge revealed the cause of the pain, and how to keep it from reoccurring.  Most importantly, I gave Abdul a hug, reaffirmed my love for him, and reminded him of God's purpose for his life. 

Christmas in the Prison 2014
Every year, Tiffany and I like to give small gifts to all 200+ prisoners and the guards who work there during Christmas day.  This year, we are thinking of giving chocolate bars and cookies or chips, to all of them.  If you'd like to take part by sending a donation, please see the info below.

Donations can be sent by check to:
Church of the Living God
199 Deming Street
Manchester CT 06042

Please include "TandTHaynes - Prison" in the memo to designate your donation to our ministry.

You can also donate online via our home church's website:

Donations are tax-deductible, and 100% of your donation is sent to us.  If possible, please send us an email to let us know about your donation for the prison.  This will help us in preparing things as soon as possible.

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

A Salvation Message:  Jesus is the only one who lived and never sinned.  Jesus knows what it's like to be incarcerated and condemned for crimes He didn't commit.  This sinless Savior was falsely judged, and then willingly died for your sins and ours.  This is love.  After 3 days, He rose from the dead forever declaring His victory in being the One who takes away sin, brings us into eternal life and into a right relationship with God.  Jesus is still alive.  He longs for you to be free from your sin and restored back into a loving relationship with God.  If you want to receive Jesus as your Savior, you may, just by surrendering your life to Him and accepting Him as Lord and Savior of your life.  You can receive Jesus right now by talking to Him saying, "Lord Jesus.  I'm sorry for living a life of sin.  Forgive me for not believing in You.  I surrender my life to you.  Jesus, I believe you are the only Savior, the Son of God.  Thank you for dying for my sins.  I love you.  Jesus, I will worship you alone, and will not worship any other.  Thank you for saving me.  Please, fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may live for you, and tell others about your love!"

If you prayed this prayer today, you are forgiven of all your sins and are now a son/daughter of God.  The Holy Spirit of God dwells inside of you.  To continue to grow in your knowledge and love for God, please find a church that worships Jesus Christ, teaches the truth of God's Word (the Bible) and moves in the power and love of the Holy Spirit.  May the Lord continue to move upon your life with love and power, and help you live according to His Word each day.

We are so excited for you!  Love and blessings!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pure Heart's Perspective

There's a higher call of God that requires us to acknowledge His presence working in the everyday lives of people, saved and unsaved (Matthew 5:43-48).  God is in love with people.  As we honor His presence, we can partner with the Lord in bringing healthy change/transformation to people and the communities where we live.  There are so many opportunities to do this if we are willing.  Here’s a testimony of the Lord working marvelously through government.  I understand that some have different opinions concerning interactions with government.  But sometimes, the experience doesn’t have to change-only our perspective of our experience.    

Here’s the brief story background.  A DHL package was shipped with birthday gifts for my wife and son.  Due to a new system in place here, the package was held up.  If the package wasn't cleared within 25 days, by paying a lot of money, the package would belong to the state.  Our time was running out quickly.  Originally, my focus was just on getting the package.  But, then I noticed something more important - the Lord working in the heart of one individual.
A customs worker decided, on his own, to help me clear the package with the least amount of fees and taxes, and before the deadline ran out.  He made calls to multiple people, some in authority, in another province.  Then, he spoke to brokers (clearing agents) himself on my behalf.  This customs worker, who works in government, kept calling me to make sure people were contacting me and working on having my DHL box cleared without the unnecessary high fees.  He called several people to try to find “work-arounds” and rush the process.  His attitude and work was phenomenal and beyond what should be expected or required!  I hadn’t asked him to do anything.  He did it just because he wanted to help.  I'm sure he is one of many treasures in Customs who bring honor to the department, and value to the community in which he serves.

Here’s the testimony.  If I was just focused on myself, getting the DHL box, or being irritated by the new system, I would have missed seeing Jesus.  Also, I could have hindered His work in someone else's life.  The Lord is our light.  When we see Him, we can see other things clearly.  That’s where the pure heart’s perspective comes from.  The pure heart’s perspective comes from focusing on Jesus alone.  Then we can clearly see and evaluate things around us.  So, I saw the hand of God work on a custom worker's heart for His own pleasure (and not just to get my box).  The mercy of God led a man to care about others and serve well beyond his job requirements.  Joy filled my heart as I saw the Lord developing this man’s life.  What began as an aggravating interaction, appeared as it truly was - a celebration of God and His ways of preparing a person's heart for Himself.  I was excited and celebrated the personal victory the customs official obtained.  This was better than getting the box!  This man’s victory actually opened the way for the clearing agent in another province to receive a personal victory as well.

Do you see it?  Do you see?  I realized the whole situation wasn’t about getting the DHL box (or about me!).  It’s about seeing what Jesus is doing, and valuing that no matter what!  I had to be patient to allow the Sovereign Lord to use this situation to work His purposes in people.  As we are sensitive to the presence and what the Lord is doing in people's lives, we'll be able to join with Him in serving people, believers and unbelievers, out of genuine love for their good (and not just our own).  This is the gospel. This is outreach!  As we see Jesus, we see true ministry in action, and can join with what He is already doing to help bring godly impact to the community in which we live.  Let's love the people in our communities well, so that we can help bring true development and growth to the communities where we live.


Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Compassion Project - House of Love

The Xavier family is overjoyed and send their love and thanks.  They were touched by the people, who don't know them, but contributed financially to help them fulfill part of their dream. We know that this house in the village will serve greater purposes than what they or we can imagine.  

For information on this village compassion project, please click on the following link: Compassion Project.  You'll be taken to our blog where you can see photos and receive additional information on the latest work completed.

Thank you for helping the Xavier family launch out into their destiny full of love and faith.  Thank you for partnering with us to bring the love and work of Jesus Christ into a local community setting and into the everyday lives of children and others.


Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Older Blog - Returning Back Home to Mozambique

We thought we posted this blog in the beginning of September.  In the case it didn't get sent, we are posting it now.  It is about Returning home to Mozambique after visiting the U.S.

This summer was the first time we were at the U.S. as a family since 2010.  In some ways, being there was like a dream come true.  The Lord lavished us with His goodness in practical ways.  Friends and Family smothered us with love.  We were given a free stay at a resort in Maryland; saw friends and family we hadn't seen in a long time (a few for 20+ years); went to the Haynes Family Reunion in D.C.; had fun until we were too tired to have fun; saw Moses at the Sights and Sounds Theater; ate meat and more meat; we were ministered to by the saints; we ministered to people and at church services also; went to zoos and museums; kids and my wife fished for the first time with Papa and Grandma (Tyren's parents), Tiffany got to eat funnel cake,  and so much more!!

Our kids loved the variety of good, eating Papa's meat every morning, having grandma cook for them (and do their chores), playing with friends in M.D., and being at their cousin's house in N.J.  The seemingly endless supply of meat and cheese was one of their delights.  But through the summer, they would make comments concerning how they missed being in Mozambique.

It's impossible for us to take a vacation from the love of our life, Jesus.  So of course, the Lord met with us in life changing ways individual and as a family.  We even went through trials that purified our faith that we might glorify our Lord Jesus even more (1 Peter 1:7).  Somehow, the Lord used the comforts and conveniences all around us to increase our love for Him.

We visited the memorial in D.C. with some of our college friends.

Our kids enjoyed the Virgina Living Museum with its many live animals.
Everyone caught a fish.  Here's Isaiah with a bluegill (I think)
One of the many signs the girls at our center made to welcome us.
 When we went to church in a local village here in Mozambique our little Berasia used the pit toiled (literally a hole in the dirt) surround by a wall of grass.  She said,"Mommy there's no toilet in here to flush.  Mommy, there's no sink in this bathroom".  Just 2 1/2 months, and she forgot the "normal" things here!  Well, we'll see how much she remembers on her next visit, whenever that may be.

We thank all of you who prayed and donated financially (even many people whom we've never met) to make this trip to the U.S. possible.

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes