Sunday, June 15, 2014

Were Back in the U.S.

The Haynes family is back in the U.S.-enjoying all the new things and "strangeness" brought by changes in once familiar U.S. life.  We are doing well, especially the two youngest, who really haven't been exposed to this "standard" of living.  Here are a few photos and comments.

Carpets:  Little Berasia spent the first few days giggling, rolling over on the carpets and letting her head "plop" on the floor.  We have cement floors in Lichinga, so rolling around like this is not an option.  She definitely didn't want any socks on her feet...that would take away the sensation of her toes running through the carpet.
Internet:  Unlimited!  Yes!
Roads:  2 weeks, and our shoes are still the same color!  No mud, or reddish clay dirt! 
Food:  There's way too much, but good!
Water:  There's instant hot water from the tap!  No, heating up water on the stove every night!

Dreams and "Faith" Builders:  The kids have their eyes opened to a whole new realm of making dreams reality.  Grandma and Papa (especially) remind the kids of the toys and "stuff" that's out there-and then, as grandparents do, they bring it within hands' reach.
One of the new things that Papa brought...Berasia's and Chayah's first wagon (it's fold-able).

Grand-kids and cousin Jonathan at Grandma's 60th birthday party.

 Friends!!!  We have the joy of seeing and connecting with many of our friends here.

Meeting with old friends...the Creightons who were in CT from FL.

Ministering at Church
Tiffany ministering at Shiloh Christian in Middletown, CT.
We both shared the message with the church concerning faith.

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pursuing Love - Part 2

What does pursuing love look like for our center's guards?  For our center's guards (watchmen), this can look like many things including praying, organizing things well, giving them good flashlights, prophesying over one another, and more.  Basically, it involves knowing God's heart and letting Him do what He wants in the lives of these men.  Recently, we chose to let His love overflow onto the watchmen and their families in the following two ways:

Restaurant Outing - Men and their Wives
All of the guards were given the privilege to take their wives to a restaurant in town to just spend time together and the center would foot the bill.  It was a challenge for some of the wives to agree to go.  It was an absolute first-time experience for most.  Here in Lichinga, going out to eat isn't normal for most people simply because of the cost.  There were many stories from the guards about this outing, but here's one of them:  One wife (married for over 15 years), who had never been to a restaurant, absolutely refused to go.  She thought it was a waste of money to spend on two people, it wasn't right to eat special food and not share it with her kids, and she didn't like the idea of eating in a public environment in front of people she didn't know.  She ended up going, loving it, and now wants her husband to take her back.  Of course, he'll have to foot the bill next time!

Feast - Commemoration of Love
Click on the video below to see a short clip of our watchmen having fun dancing at an appreciation lunch just for them, American style, at our center in April.  They didn't have to cook; they just had to show up and feast!  Also there are a few additional photos below.

Pounds and pounds of meats, soda, juice, and savory dishes.
We also had homemade cake and cookies for dessert.

Guys filling up their plates for the first go around.
Some went back for seconds and thirds.
Watchmen and others enjoying the food!

Dancing, dancing and more dancing.

Toward the end one watchman, Fernando, was so touched by God's love that
he shared and had everyone do a prophetic act
demonstrating their love for one another.
God's love is so simple.  I often think, if we would just be willing to love Him and obey His voice (John 14:15), true ministry would occur in ways we've never imagined. 


Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Pursuing Love - Part 1

    Pursuing love requires that one knows what love is...

    These two little boys were hungry.  So they tried to pick up dried minnows that had fallen onto the dirty ground from the fish stand.  The man at the fish stand made them drop the minnows because they belonged to him.  The kids walked away quickly and I thought, "Oh well.  I do have to hurry up and get back to the base (center)."  But, inside I knew that these were two I needed to "stop" for.  I caught up to them, and told them to follow me (a stranger).  They followed without hesitation.  I bought some fried dough balls for them.  They didn't even say thank you.  But, this wasn't done for a thank you.  It was about giving them what the Lord gave to me for them - love.

    Milcas insisted on seeing the photo I took of him.  Then, I realized why.  Surely enough, when I asked him, he told me that he hadn't seen what he looked like in a long time.  I showed him the photo on my phone.  Milcas just laughed.  Imagine not looking in the mirror or seeing what you looked like for days or even weeks.

    I don't have to chase after this man any more.  I still don't know his name.  The Holy Spirit touches him though.  Jesus loves him and he knows it.  May God heal his wounds, heart and mind, and restore his life from (what I've been told) smoking local drugs.

    Treasure hidden in the open is sometimes the hardest to spot.  These are photos of treasure.  They are right in front of our eyes...on the sidelines, outside of the normal shopping schedule, in the margins of the "have too much to do" schedule, and the "I don't want to be late schedule."  We know they are treasures because they are important to Jesus.  As we carry the Father's heart, they also become valuable in our own eyes.  People who are loved by Christ always have a high value.  Loving our neighbor just to love them with Christ's love (no hidden agenda) is what ministry is really about.  We "stop" for the One, God.  He gives us a heart for the treasures He longs for us to encounter.  We are seeing that as we truly serve others effectively, in the process a greater ministry is happening first - we are actually being loved by our Father.  We, too, are His treasures!

    God's love is our timing,

    Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

    Thursday, April 10, 2014

    The Goodness of God - Again and Again!

    U.S.A., here we come!
    June through August, we'll be back in the U.S. Hallelujah!  The Lord has done it again.  This is amazing!  We are actually all coming.  Someone even gave us a week long vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia where we'll stay as a family in a beautiful timeshare/resort complex.  Let's praise the Lord, and say together with us - God is good indeed!

    Saved from an "Army" of Over a Hundred Thousand
    I had an urge to go outside and work on our car, but I wanted to finish some other things first.  I heard the Lord say, "It would be better for you if you would obey me now."  I stopped, thinking, was that really the Lord?  I went to my car and suddenly found myself standing in the middle of "formigas" (Portuguese word for army ants).  Ahhhh!!! There were tens of thousands of these flesh biting insects approaching our front and side door, and some were starting to climb our house.  There were many more hidden in underground trails.  If I hadn't listened to the Lord, none of us would have left our house without, in the least case scenario, some serious bites.  I called our guards, and together we were able to kill some of the the ants while most of them retreated in several long lines back into the tall grass over the next 10 minutes.  This is a whole different view of Psalm 91:7 which reads, "A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you." 

    Blessed at the ATM
    Twice, I waited in lines to withdraw money from the ATM.  On both occasions, people in front walked away informing everyone that the machine wouldn't dispense money.  Indeed, we all saw that their cards were returned without money being dispensed.  Urged by the Holy Spirit, I tried my card and was able to successfully withdraw money both times.

    A Special Hand Shake
    I went to talk to Atori, who wears his belongings tied to him in plastic bags and often roams about shouting crazily and digging through trash.  He began to get angry and act crazy.  Suddenly, I petitioned the Holy Spirit saying, "No.  I'm not accepting this.  No."  Atori immediately calmed down and smiled at me.  The presence of God manifested.  For the first time in years, Atori shook my hand.  He has never shaken my hand before, even though I often offered my hand to him.  I pray that one day he will submit his life to Christ and be set free.  God is amazing!  He is good, again and again.

    Since God believes in His goodness, we need to start believing, too.  The goodness of God attracts our attention to who He is more than the things that we receive from Him.  Daddy is good!  There's so much He desires for us, if only we trust in who He is and ask.  We pray that through His goodness, we'll know Him intimately, and have the wisdom and courage to reveal our Saviour to a world in need of His kindness and love.

    Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes