Thursday, April 16, 2015

Do You Really Want Revival?

At the end of March, I was invited to minister at a three day revival meeting in the city.  I taught on “What is Revival?” and then asked the obvious question, “Who wants revival?”  Of course, everyone screamed, “Yes!!!”  Suddenly, the Holy Spirit gave me the same question to ask another way.  I let them know that I was about to ask the same exact question using different words.  “Who wants Jesus at the cost of losing everything else?  Everything!”  The room was totally silent.  No one dared to respond.  These were business men and women.  They understood the question, and needed time to think.  The room continued to be silent.  But, during a time of intercession from the pulpit, the Holy Spirit moved and wooed their hearts for Christ.  Yes!!!  They volunteered to have Jesus at the cost of losing everything else, if that was what Jesus required of them.  This is what true revival is about.  I pray that they will remain true to their confession.

During a time of prophetic ministry after the message, the presence of the Lord came to release people into their destiny.  Tiffany was there to help pray and prophesy over people, as well as two other pastors.  Many wonderful things occurred, but one individual touched my heart.  A young Christian man came up for prayer.  He told me that after listening to the message he wanted to live seriously for Jesus.  I asked him if he was married because the Holy Spirit told me that he had a woman living with him, but he wasn’t married to her.   This was the Lord’s mercy, and He was giving the young man an opportunity to give Him his all.  First, the man agreed that he wasn’t married, and then he denied it in front of the church for all to hear.  I asked him a few times, but he kept denying it.  Several days later he met me in the city.  He confessed the truth that he never married the woman he lives with.  He wanted to tell me all the sinful things he was doing, but I didn’t want to hear.  It wasn’t necessary.  Right then, we prayed together.  He repented of all the things he was doing, and prayed for Jesus to help him live for Him with all his heart.  This is a part of revival.  The young man could have stayed in his sins, but instead, he chose to get his heart right with Jesus!  Our God is awesome!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

WAKE UP AND DREAM 2 – Presence and Dancing on the Streets

Part of waking up and dreaming involves entering into the reality of who God calls you to be for Himself.  Then, we can truly worship and be intimate with our God.  (It’s hard to be intimate with Jesus if we are being someone He doesn’t see us to be.)  For me, being real involves dancing in my house just for my heavenly Daddy’s pleasure of seeing His kid how He created me to be.  But, the Lord had other plans one day on the street.

As I share this testimony, first it’s important to understand how Mr. Atori acts many times.  He is very special and precious; nonetheless, he doesn’t speak clear Portuguese (so we can’t talk and understand one another), he speaks incoherently, he shouts as he walks in the middle of the street (not caring about cars), he acts crazy, he can be extremely violent, he has outbursts of anger, he wears no shoes and dresses in rags.  People simply say, "There’s a crazy man.I was told that if you touch him, he’ll hit you.  However, Jesus knows who Atori really is.  Jesus loves Atori and doesn’t treat him as his sins deserve.  I’ve decided to follow Jesus!

“Hey!” yelled Atori sitting under a tree which could also serve as the public urinal.  I changed my plan to go into a store, and instead went to “talk” to Atori.  After a minute or so, Atori had enough of my presence, I guess, and started acting angry and speaking incomprehensibly, yet again.  To make things worse, I prayed, but I couldn’t discern how the Holy Spirit was moving.  But I also noticed that Atori wasn’t as loud as he normally is.  Then, the Holy Spirit told me to dance.  Dance?  In front of the main market, on the crowded main street, in front of everybody?  I danced.  Atori seemed even more annoyed.  Then, the Lord had me sing and dance.  I didn’t understand how this would help the situation.  Also, I don’t have a public singing voice.  Suddenly, I found myself forgetting all about trying to talk to Atori.  For a moment, right on the street, I was lost in the Lord’s presence ministering to Jesus in dance.  I was dancing prophetically, singing and waving my hands, passing my arms over Atori like wind.  The atmosphere changed and I felt like He, the Lord, was by me and at the same time I could feel Him moving within me.  Suddenly, Atori stopped being angry and was quiet.  Then the most beautiful thing happened.  He started repeating the words I was singing in Portuguese!  Then he stood up, held my arm, and started walking me down the middle of the street.  My singing turned to abandoned worship.  I held on to Atori as the presence of God rained upon us.  I probably looked crazy, even drunk, but I didn’t care.  I was thrilled to be able to give God my all.  I felt the Holy Spirit tell me, “When you reach that place, you will be done.”  Surely enough, when we reached the exact spot the Holy Spirit had shown me, Atori suddenly let me go and walked off as though nothing had happened.

Be yourself just for God.  He can do things with what you have that you never dreamed of using for your family, business, job, church, or your fellow neighbor!  Wake up and become lost in the Father’s heart for your life.  He longs to take pleasure in you – the real you!  So, wake up and dream!!  This means you must start entering into the reality of the life the Father has for someone special like you!!!

Love, Tyren and Tiffany

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wake Up and Dream!!!

Recently, the Lord has been doing more things to convince us of the importance of dreaming with Him.  By dreams we mean those ideas, desires, and plans that God put into your heart and is stirring up again.  He's dreaming of doing great things just with you!  We can dream by being captured by His heart and doing what He longs to do with us.  Isn’t it wonderful that our Father wants to do things with us, as opposed to just watching us and encouraging us while He Himself stands on the “sidelines of life”?  Recently, my wife said something very important.  "Sometimes we must do things for our dreams to come to pass instead of just waiting for them to happen.  We must participate with Him."  It's time to be bold and take part in the things the Lord is inviting you to do with Him.  We believe God is pouring out an anointing upon His people to help them conceive His dreams. 

FRUITS:  After several attempts, this dream we had over 14 years ago of having our own grapevines is better than expected.  This year we had over 15 small bunches of grapes.  We've also harvested many apples from 2 of our small apple trees bearing fruit, and we have our first 2 mangoes growing on one of our mango trees.

FLOWERS:  Both of us have always wanted this flower.  Someone brought us several plants, but we didn't know what they were.  To our surprise, it was indeed the same flowering plant we've seen growing along main streets in our provincial capital.  We know this is also a prophetic sign.

DUCK EGGS & RABBIT:  For years, I've wanted to try duck eggs.  This year, someone gave us four big eggs!  Also, since our first year in Mozambique, I've wanted to try rabbit.  I received grilled rabbit for my birthday in February.  It was the first time I remembered trying it.  (I was told I had eaten some in my toddler years.)

HEALINGS:  We've personally experienced more healings in the past months that we believe have been, in part, birthed out of a longing to please God and love Him as our sole aim.  This was one of those areas in which we had to "do something" that God required of us in order to see dreams come to pass.  More than just healings, these testimonies serve as a sign to help us believe in the Father's heart and pursue His goodness for our lives.
  • One of our watchmen (guards) with pain in his arm was instantly healed.  Afterwards, he believed for healing of his back pain, and that was instantly healed as well.
  • After a hernia surgery, a man in prison had been having pain since last year.  He has had problems sitting sometimes and would have to lie down.  After praying, his pain went away and he said he felt fine.
  • One of our little girls was playing in her bed when she should have been resting.  She fell out and hit her head on the cement floor.  While praying, I had a consciousness of working together with the Holy Spirit.  She was instantly healed.
We have many other testimonies about dreams besides these.  Remember, dreams can include the ideas God has for you, or even plans of great things He wants to do through your life.  We know this year the Lord is especially summoning His people to live in the realm of His creativity, and to pursue the realities of His heart in order to experience the life He's planned for us.   He's awakening us to our greater potential in Christ by allowing us to wake up and dream with Him.  Dreaming with God allows us to understand His nature and choose to live life from the higher reality of who He says He is to us.  This is part of our gift of righteousness.  So, WAKE UP AND DREAM!!!  We believe that His dreams that you are willing to embrace, will be the ones He breathes on to make realities in His own time and way.

God’s dreams for you are your greatest reality


Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Joy of Forgiving Wrongdoers

Yet again, the Lord did something wonderful that far surpassed my expectations.  I received a call to come to the prison for Mr. Abdul.  He was the only man who was captured during the attack at our center (mainly our own residence) in 2012.  Prisoners have to compensate for damages, losses, etc., of the people they robbed, murdered, or offended in any way.  The court had already written an amount of several thousand dollars U.S. to cover the cost of things stolen and the damages to our house itself (like the door that was axed open while my family was inside).   Over two years ago, I had already forgiven Abdul in person.  But, in the presence of the prison official and Abdul, I once again forgave him.  The joy of the Lord flooded my soul in that moment.  I almost cried.  Before my eyes, I was witnessing the extraordinary love made available through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.  Abdul didn’t deserve forgiveness this time either.  But, neither did I deserve the privilege of being able to love and forgive Abdul with a love that only God is worthy to experience.  Jesus Christ was preached in that moment.  The Lord was opening the door to set him free in his soul and prepare him for his destiny to preach the gospel.

Several times since last December, I have put in requests to the prison authorities asking them if Abdul could call home.  I even volunteered to pay for the call myself.  The Holy Spirit told me that Abdul hadn’t spoken to his wife in a long time.  When I asked him, he admitted that he hadn’t spoken to her since he’d been sentenced.  She lives in a different province than where he’s been incarcerated.  The same day I forgave Abdul of any requirement to recompense my family for damages, the Lord opened the door for him to place a free call home to talk to his wife.  Our God is great!  Hallelujah!  And matchless in mercy! 

When we surrender our lives and choose to accept Jesus Christ as the only Savior, we receive salvation.  In this salvation, we have an obligation, a joy and a privilege to love our enemies while they are still sinning.  Salvation is not optional for us; neither is our responsibility to demonstrate Christ’s love to others (Matthew 22:37-40).  Remember, the Father’s love was lavished upon you and I when we too were enemies of God because of sins and unbelief (which also is sin, John 3:18) in Jesus Christ.

Pray with us, that we might be so overwhelmed by Christ’s love that we will no longer be blind to the people the Holy Spirit wants to transform.  May God’s love be so radiant through us (and you), that the body of Christ and sinners will awaken to who God is truly calling us to be.  Pray for Abdul, that the Lord Jesus would transform his life and use him to bring many others to Christ.  There’s a great harvest which is ready for those who are willing to harvest in the love that only comes through Jesus Christ!

Love, Tyren and Tiffany Haynes