Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Call for Destiny Conference

The Call for Destiny conference our center held in August was part of the prophetic “Wake Up and Dream” word the Lord has been pouring into the heart of Tiffany and me.  I felt the Lord wanted to release general keys to people that would allow them to walk faithfully in their destiny.  The plan was to invite, at most, 12 people—after they completed 8 weeks of Iris's Harvest School for missions training in Pemba where they would experience healings and the miraculous, teaching, and ministry from people (some quite well-known) from around the world.  "Why would they come here to Lichinga?" one of our missionaries asked.  Although there were many issues (most beyond our control) that could have caused us to abort a dream, I'm glad that our center decided to have the conference.  It was amazing!

Our whole center joined our guests for a lunch feast.

 We ended up having one person from the school attend (a brave soul from England!), and one missionary couple serving in Mozambique from Switzerland.  All 3 enjoyed the conference; and best of all, they met with Jesus.  Our guest from England wrote, “It's one thing when you hear a teaching in a school (like at Pemba), but doing life with someone who embodies a teaching is something else!  I was inspired by seeing people who were used so powerfully by God yet still heard His voice in ways that I could relate to.  I was inspired because they weren't 'hard working' in the sense that I was used to, but their ministry still made a big impact.  I think this is because they prioritize seeking God and obeying His voice, rather than simply trying to do 'good things'.  They were also very prophetic and I really appreciated words they shared with me during my time there.”
We all prayed and prophesied over our 3 guests.

We served the attendees with teachings, home cooked meals, a quiet atmosphere in the presence of God, individual prophetic ministry to each attendee, and various ministry opportunities. God birthed our Lichinga center into a momentum and reality that is allowing us to walk in our own destiny as a center – pursuing holiness, living in intimacy, and dwelling in the presence as a daily lifestyle in everything we do—and allowing the overflow to bring salvation and transformation to our community.

Now, since we are awake and dreaming, people on our team are already talking about hosting meetings for Mozambican churches (all in Portuguese), hosting meetings and opening them up to anyone around the world, inviting speakers, and more.  Actually, we all are quite serious.  The kingdom kids are awake, and there’s no telling how they will be captured by the heart of the Father to bring His dreams to earth.  This is a part of what waking up and dreaming is all about!

Love, Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Photos: Assumane Fun Day 2015

Assumane Fun Day is a day to have fun, and simply love people in our village community (especially the many who are of other religions) without any other agenda.  I'm always amazed at how much more my own eyes open to Jesus' love for people when my only agenda is just to love.  All of the missionaries and kids from our center, along with the attendees from the Call for Destiny conference, joined in the fun.

We played some new games, challenged people with contests, and gave others opportunities to do things they've never done before.  For most events people were rewarded with chocolate, and in special cases, soda.  Of course, we ended the fun with the much desired chicken chase:  the first person who catches the live, running chicken in the open field gets to keep it!  We did this for both the men and the women.  Enjoy the photos!

Kids jumping in sugar sacks and playing around.
Annelisa painting the nails of a lady in the village.  Nail painting is a community event.  It's great to see the women and younger girls paint each others' nails.  We especially enjoy seeing the adults spend time with the younger children.
Others painted their own nails.  It's fun to learn about what people like and what they consider fashionable.

Adults handed out stickers to all of the kids.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse were placed everywhere - on foreheads, cheeks, and arms!

Both adults and kids loved jump roping together.
The crowd was laughing all during this event.  Both women and men raced to see who could drink the juice out of a baby bottle the fastest!

There were quite a few water balloons surviving as the distance increased.

Poor little chicken!  It thinks it's free to take a leisurely walk.

Then, it ran for its life...but it had no chance!

In the midst of the dust, the victor emerges with his night's meal.

Thank you for praying for us and for the Lord's work in Mozambique.  Pray that we might move mightily in the unconditional love of Jesus Christ in every way that He longs to express the power of His awesome salvation and love for all people!


Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Reclaiming Our Success in Apparent Failure

The new pig is growing very fast
My wife likes meat, so I bought her an 8 kg (~ 17 lb.) baby pig.  The plan was for Porky, the name she gave him, to grow big in a few months.  Then, my wife would have a lot of meat for a cheap price.  But Porky died in less than 2 weeks.  At first it seemed like a waste of money, a bad idea, and something not worth doing again.  Quite frankly, I briefly thought that I had moved out of excitement instead of the will of God.

But, the Lord gave my wife the word, “firstfruits”.  In the midst of apparent failure and loss, the Lord spoke His perspective of the issue.  What we thought was loss because of our perspective, was actually gain.  Porky was the firstfruits.  Firstfruits is something that reaches maturity, fruitfulness, and can be harvested (and thus put to its intended use).  Firstfruits is a sign, or evidence, of a greater harvest!  No longer could we treat, consider, or even think that the situation was a waste of money and something not worth doing again.  So, I encouraged myself, and bought a second pig (a female) as a gift for my wife.  Tiffany also called her new gift Porky.  This Porky has been growing well!

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to us a lot this year about believing in His Word (the Scriptures) and the words He speaks to us, and not accepting apparent failure.  God's understanding is infinite.  He can not lie.  He is STILL working ALL things together for our good (Romans 8:28).  Why don’t we believe Him?

Recently, when it appeared that no one would be able to come to our Call for Destiny conference at our center, we chose to believe God.  It would have been very easy, perhaps quite reasonable, to abort the dream of God.  But a dream was birthed, and people were touched and changed, including our center.  God is speaking over our lives, situations, and conditions.  He is giving value to valueless situations.  If we hear what He is saying, we’ll be able to believe Him and work out His possibilities using the impossible (do the impossible with the impossible).  What are we doing with apparent failures?  Are we saying what's humanly obvious, or are we willing to see what God sees?  Hear, and say what He says?  Abraham knew about this very well.

Here's a little reminder of things we posted earlier this year...you might as well keep dreaming the dreams of God, because God hasn't changed His mind about you and Him.

Beloved, believe because God believes in you.  

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Returning From Maputo and Summer Time

Traveling to Maputo was a gift, especially for our kids.  Once arriving there, we knew the Lord had planned special things for us.  His presence rested upon us in a very special way.  We fellowshipped with other Iris missionaries and visitors, and were treated so kindly with love and surprises.  The variety of food was amazing, and we were treated to dishes that had meat!  Spiritually, we felt that we were ushered into a new place, and God did things in our hearts that are still unfolding now.  Literally, during this trip, the level in which we operate in ministry and how we do ministry has changed for the good.

School Vacation
Our kids are on school vacation and will start again in late August.  Amerel, Isaiah, Chayah, and Berasia will be going into 10th, 8th, 2nd, and K.  (When we first came to Mozambique we only had 2 kids-weren’t dreaming/planning on more-and they were 6 and 3 years old.)  We just received all of their books (curriculum for 4 grades) which we sent via FedEx here to Lichinga from the U.S.  The kids are enjoying their time off, though we still have them studying Portuguese.

Thank You
We thank all of you who have invested into our lives and ministry through your financial donations. You’ve made so much possible through our ministry in our local community and other nations.  People send donations that also help us personally in vital areas such as fixing our vehicles we use for ministry, buying 2nd hand (3rd, 4th...hand) clothes from the market, providing food for our own family, paying the yearly resident fee to stay in Mozambique as missionaries, buying/shipping school books to educate our kids, and so much more!  We are so thankful for your love, your sacrifices, and the measure to which you partner with us to pursue the heart of God for Mozambique.  We pray for you, praise God for you, and pray for both spiritual and physical increase for your own lives because of what you’ve sown.

There are so many awesome things going on here!  Soon, we’ll write a few short blogs to share testimonies of what God has been doing.  Our Jesus is always worth pursuing at all and every cost!

My wife likes meat, so I bought her a gift that's very fresh - her very own baby pig!  It was "dirt" cheap.  Someone else is taking care of the little brown guy for us.  In several months, it'll be huge and will have fulfilled its days, then...dinner time!

Tiffany made pretzel rolls.  Ahhh, beautiful, warm and yummy!  This is one of the blessings of having a creative wife in a place where you can't buy such things at all.

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photos: In Maputo

We are currently in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, renewing a passport and completing Mozambican documents that can only be processed in the capital.  We started processing them in Lichinga, but over 8 months later nothing was completed.  We flew to Maputo on Tuesday, well over $2000 USD later, to find out that each time documents were sent from Lichinga, they were lost or sent incorrectly, and no one ever told us.  Testimony:  Months ago, we prayed and waited to see if the Lord would send funds to purchase plane tickets for this trip.  Then we received an email from someone who just felt that God wanted to do something with our family.  That family sent a donation that paid for most of the cost of plane tickets without knowing anything about our trip.  We thank God for them listening to the voice of God and simply doing what He put on their hearts.  Then, I felt the Lord telling me to wait before purchasing tickets.  Just waiting a few days saved us about $400.  We thank God for His love and willingness to speak (His voice) to His kids!

Some South Africans invited us to a braai (South African version of a BBQ with "real" red meat-no chicken allowed).  Because we had already seasoned some chicken breasts for our dinner, we were allowed to grill them!  Next time, we'll know better and not bring "vegetables" to the braai.  South Africans will understand what we mean! :)

2 other visitors to Iris Zimpeto made this challah bread.  It was braided in 5 strands.

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, has a store "comparable" to WalMart.
Prices are much more expensive, but the store is huge and has so many varieties of items.
We bought 2 lbs of sausage, at 1/4 the price of sausage in Lichinga.  I think we'll have to eat meat
almost every day while we are here. :)

Eating ice cream with a special treat-Oreos!  Yes, Maputo has things that are rarities in Lichinga.

At the end of May, before we came to Maputo, Tiffany preached at the 
Women's Celebration at a Nigerian church in Lichinga.

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes