Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Goodness of God - Again and Again!

U.S.A., here we come!
June through August, we'll be back in the U.S. Hallelujah!  The Lord has done it again.  This is amazing!  We are actually all coming.  Someone even gave us a week long vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia where we'll stay as a family in a beautiful timeshare/resort complex.  Let's praise the Lord, and say together with us - God is good indeed!

Saved from an "Army" of Over a Hundred Thousand
I had an urge to go outside and work on our car, but I wanted to finish some other things first.  I heard the Lord say, "It would be better for you if you would obey me now."  I stopped, thinking, was that really the Lord?  I went to my car and suddenly found myself standing in the middle of "formigas" (Portuguese word for army ants).  Ahhhh!!! There were tens of thousands of these flesh biting insects approaching our front and side door, and some were starting to climb our house.  There were many more hidden in underground trails.  If I hadn't listened to the Lord, none of us would have left our house without, in the least case scenario, some serious bites.  I called our guards, and together we were able to kill some of the the ants while most of them retreated in several long lines back into the tall grass over the next 10 minutes.  This is a whole different view of Psalm 91:7 which reads, "A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you." 

Blessed at the ATM
Twice, I waited in lines to withdraw money from the ATM.  On both occasions, people in front walked away informing everyone that the machine wouldn't dispense money.  Indeed, we all saw that their cards were returned without money being dispensed.  Urged by the Holy Spirit, I tried my card and was able to successfully withdraw money both times.

A Special Hand Shake
I went to talk to Atori, who wears his belongings tied to him in plastic bags and often roams about shouting crazily and digging through trash.  He began to get angry and act crazy.  Suddenly, I petitioned the Holy Spirit saying, "No.  I'm not accepting this.  No."  Atori immediately calmed down and smiled at me.  The presence of God manifested.  For the first time in years, Atori shook my hand.  He has never shaken my hand before, even though I often offered my hand to him.  I pray that one day he will submit his life to Christ and be set free.  God is amazing!  He is good, again and again.

Since God believes in His goodness, we need to start believing, too.  The goodness of God attracts our attention to who He is more than the things that we receive from Him.  Daddy is good!  There's so much He desires for us, if only we trust in who He is and ask.  We pray that through His goodness, we'll know Him intimately, and have the wisdom and courage to reveal our Saviour to a world in need of His kindness and love.

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Video and Testimony: Serving Muslims with Love - Part 2

My heart stirred with the Father’s love for this old man who stopped me.  That’s why I accepted his request for a ride.  I simply wanted to help him.  While he was in my car, my heart stirred more for this man.  So, I told him about the Father’s love, and how many dishonor Him by attempting to purchase it through good works and prayer.  God the Father loves us, and His love is free.  This man, a Muslim, began emotionally speaking in Arabic, clasping his hands, looking up to heaven praising “Allah”, and thanking me.  “This is something a lot of people, don’t teach!  Allah has given me this special meeting today,” he said.  I was supposed to only take him a short distance.  But seeing how the Holy Spirit was moving, I told him I’d take him wherever he wanted to go.  I just wanted to spend time with this man.  We got to his destination (out of the way from where I needed to go), and he prepared to leave my car.  There was no big urge in my heart, but yet I knew it was time for more.  I said, “Sir, I don’t want to disrespect you; but I need to tell you more.  All that I told you about love was given to me by Jesus Christ, the Son of God!”  “God is all the same,” he said.  “No…," I explained, "... Jesus is more than a prophet…the Son of God…the only way to the Father…the only one who can forgive sin and bring us back into a true relationship as sons of God.  That is where this love comes from.”  The man didn’t receive Christ right then.  But, he heard that the message that elated his heart in praise was all because of Jesus Christ, the Son of God – the true Prophet indeed.

VIDEO:  Below is another testimony from Mr. Kindle of his Muslim neighbor's response to a healing.

The above video testimony can also be viewed (full screen) using the following link:

Pray that we might know His love that surpasses knowledge (Ephesians 3:19), and carry His heart to a neighbor that may have never experienced the love of God.   Imagine purely loving people, and trusting God to decide what His love should look like and the impact His love will have on others.   This is part of what it means to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31).

Love beyond measure,

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Serving Muslims with Love

Loving our neighbor must also
be done practically
Muslims are such beautiful people.  My wife and I have been falling more and more in love with our dear neighbors here.  The Father’s love has been pouring out in our hearts in such a way that we desire to serve, care for and love our Muslim neighbors.  We try to seek the best for them (God’s best), and love purely and simply without the premeditated offensive thought of “must preach with words to defend where we stand in the gospel.”

The Lord opened an amazing door to help a Muslim business man here in town.  It was an answer to prayer.  A major business deal wasn’t going through due to language barriers.  I made multiple calls internationally (we footed the bill), translated Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese, sent communications, etc.  A few weeks later, everything was all set and this Muslim man was able to successfully finish his transaction before the overseas company decided to refuse the request.  We did it, just to love our neighbor, and help bring peace to a very trying situation.

To us this is the gospel.  This is love.  It was God’s answer to prayer.  This is waves of revival outside the “four walls.”  We are serving for the benefit of those the Father loves, as He loves (Matthew 5:43-48).  We have always said we were called to be carriers of the heart of God the Father.  This is what it looks like in a non-church setting-fathering and mothering a generation outside the church (that is, people who don't believe)!  We seek to grow in love, embracing people, serving people and believing in their God- given dreams that they might see the awesome value they have and know the Lord Jesus who has given it to them. 

Pray that we might know His love that surpasses knowledge (Ephesians 3:19), and carry His heart to a neighbor that may have never experienced the love of God.  Imagine purely loving people, and trusting God to decide what His love should look like and the impact His love will have on others.  This is part of what it means to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31).

It starts with you and me.  Let it begin right now!

Love,  Tyren and Tiffany Haynes

Sunday, February 16, 2014


We thought of writing a blog with top reasons why you should, and really could, visit us.  Then, just to be kind (smile), we also included a lot more reasons why you may NOT want to visit us (along with additional comments).  Have fun reading, then start searching for tickets and come!  And, you'll enjoy all that the Lord has for you when you get here!


You Know You Want To
You’ve been thinking about it, thinking about it, and now it’s 2014, and you haven’t come yet.  It’s time to act! Just come!

The Haynes Family
It’s easier for you to travel here to see us, than for our family of 6 to travel to the U.S. and back to see you. (But, if you want to buy us all tickets to visit the U.S.A., YES!!!!, just send us an email.  My mom would love to see us all for her 60th birthday this May.  Please join us in praying for the provision of the Lord so that the whole family can travel back.)

Cool Perks
You can bring us cool things that we can’t get here!  Like, Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Nice Temperature
Lichinga is in the mountains so it’s not very, very, hot; nor is it freezing cold!
Presence of God
The presence of the Lord is amazing here, and we believe He'll meet with you in a way that will greatly impact your life. 

REASONS FOR NOT WANTING TO  VISIT (and our free comments)

There are lions and wild animals in Africa!
Yes, but not in Lichinga.  We haven't seen a lion, hyena, or man-eating, ferocious animal yet around Lichinga.  How disappointing!  Africa is a big continent-Mozambique is just one country in Africa.  Lichinga is the capital of our province (state), and we don't have lions, etc.

There’s malaria!
We’ve lived here for 6 years, are still alive, and have been fine.  But, you can always take preventive medicine (mefloquine, doxycycline, etc.), and sleep with a mosquito net.  We’ve had visitors that didn’t take anything and have been fine.  In dry season, June – Oct/Nov, there are not many mosquitoes around.  We live here with our 4 kids, including our 2 year old.

It’s expensive to travel there!
Start saving now.  Use some of your tax return (if you get one).  Write-off on your taxes????  Have people support you – it’s a missions trip for Jesus!  It’s worth it!

Doesn't the Haynes Family want to come back for Tyren's Mom's 60th?
That's true, but that isn't a substitute for having you visit us abroad in this beautiful country of Mozambique.  And after all, we are still believing Jesus for the funds to come back.

I’m afraid!
We’ve had teenagers to grandmas travel here and back safely- and by themselves.  We can tell you how to get here, and back.  Plus, we’ll pick you up from the airport.  Honestly, being afraid is an excuse you’ll regret later when it’s too late.  The Lord is your God.  In other words, you have no reason to be afraid!    

I don't like bugs!
Then don't play with them, sleep with them, or eat them.  Some of the kids at our center do-including ours, sometimes!  But, we don't like them in our house!  We haven't found bugs to be an issue unless you want to sleep outside without a tent or mosquito net.

I don't know where to stay!
You can stay at our center, of course.  And, it's free to stay here.  If you're traveling and need an overnight lay-over in Maputo, we can connect you with a lovely place.

I don’t know how to get there!
Send us an email:  and we’ll let you know.  If you’d like to speak directly with us, give us a call.  Our info is on our blog site:
You can even speak with someone in Portuguese.

The food is too different!
Actually, that’s only if you want to eat bugs, gazelle, and leaves you’ve never tasted before.  Our food is normal, and we’ll even cook you a meal or two.  Our filtered water comes from an aquifer, but you can buy bottled water to drink if you prefer.  Next!

I don’t like preaching!
You don’t have to preach.  You can play with kids, teach, help people do practical things at our center, spend time in the presence of God (He’ll meet you here!), and lots of other things that fit your ability and skill.  FYI:  If you have any excuse for not coming, you’ve already been preaching.

I can’t speak the languages!
We have translators.  Also, you don’t have to know the language to love.  Actually, loving people and smiling speaks into the depths of people’s hearts here.
I have to work and don't have a lot of vacation days!
We've met people from other countries who sacrifice and do mission trips.  It's possible.  Tyren did it for years before coming to Mozambique.  If the Lord nudges you to go, GO!  It's worth the sacrifice!

We think you get the picture – there aren’t any excuses!  Send us an email and we’ll get you started on your great adventure!

Greater love,

Tyren and Tiffany Haynes